Lenten Devotions

Join us for Lenten devotions At SALN


6 pm  Stations of the Cross

Soup Supper

Fr. Adam’s Lenten Reflections

 3/16 @ SALN –

Seeing the face of God:  Does Jesus show himself to me when I pray by myself?  What do I do if I can’t hear God in prayer?  When & how should I pray?

3/23 @ SALN –

Thirsting for God: What do our desires have to do with prayer?  How can we understand God’s desires and Is it even correct to say God has desires?  What happens when our desires meet up with God’s desires?

3/30 @ SALN

Spiritual Sight: What is morality? What does I matter if I see eye to eye with the Christ and the Church he established? How do I form my conscience?

4/6 @ SALN

Life and Death: What things are absolutely vital to my spiritual life?  What things are absolutely detrimental to my spiritual life? What is the Divine Life?